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1 why

During the first workshop we talked about:

  • the trends in leisure
  • the busy lives of our visitors
  • the different reasons they have to come and visit us  

All these things together make the facilitites in our museum very important. Visitor's have high expectations.  However, even if the expectations are not met (like Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris), the staff will still be able to make a difference. They have the clue to change the Net Promoter Score. That is why we are building a training to train our collegues.

2 when & how

During this second workshop on the wonderful grounds of Golfplatz Borghees, we worked with our training priorities (the assignment from the first workshop). With the help of Terry Brochard and his model, we focussed on a certain point in the customer journey and a certain theme (content, social or flow). 

3 build

On the first (and cold) day of the winterclosure in a somewhat gloomy Wunderland Kalkar we practiced with the model and taking the visitor's needs as our starting point. Then we started building our own training.

4 train

During this last day of the series we explained our plan for our trainings - from video's to memory cards. We all have very diverse groups to train with a lot of volunteers. It seems that we tend to be afraid to tell people what to do. Please keep in mind that it is normal that "leren gaat van au (naar wow)" .

In the afternoon we ourselves were trained by Frank Thiel in how to handle complaints. His training format and methods serve as an example, we may use them in our own museum. We all learned a lot! And it dit not hurt at all ;-) 



We wish you all the best!

Have fun while preparing your trainings.

And make every day in your museum an event!